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About the Residency Program
  1. Osstem meeting 2007
    Osstem meeting 2007
  2. Dr Han
    Dr Han
  3. Dr. Han lectures in Indonesia
    Dr. Han lectures in Indonesia
  4. Osstem meeting 2006
    Osstem meeting 2006
The residency program began in South Korea in 2004.  The goal was to teach general dentists to utilize the implant treatment modality in their everyday practice, as this type of program has been in high demand.
In 2007, the DHII (David Han Institute for Oral Implantology) began in Columbus, Ohio.
In 2009, DHII relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Han's vision of facilitating the learning program involves a small and humble class with the main focus being a truly personal level of learning. Thus, classroom size has been kept small. 

If you are interested in the residency program, please
e-mail us at [email protected] or call our center at 770-624-3000 to speak to Dr. Han.